Feb. 17th, 2009

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smells bad!  buttons the goat is on heat, so we've put her into winston's paddocl for some action, and very now and then the breeze brings us a waft of stinky rutting billy goat.  ick!  hope he enjoys himself, because the cantankerous old bastard is being retired after this season, to be replaced by a boer buck (to breed some nice meaty animals from our mongrel girls).  we're giving stella (the five year old nanny) a year off be because she looks skinny and tired, then she'll be put to the boer next year with the other girls and probably retired after that (although we're going to keep her around, she's such a charming, good tempered creature), and we'll buy in a saanen to replace her.  going to kill the two old roosters later this year too, and buy in a new one to inprove the eating quality of the chooks we're producing.  i think a light suffolk or an australorp would do nicely.  and of course, fixing the chook run and actually trying to keep them in there so we can collect the eggs and monitor the flock more easily.  might invest in a pig at the end of the year, too. 
must go, the small girl is still naked, and it's almost morning tea time.


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