Feb. 22nd, 2009

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sydney trip was lovely, sydney weather was not.  many thanks to miss d for putting me up (and putting up with me), thus making the trip financially feasible as well as infinitely more enjoyable.  we essentially spent two days meandering about the city while money trickled out of our bank cards, and i bought many, many things which i simply do not need.  it was marvellous.  fabric for beautiful simple hungarian dress was purchased from miss d (no suitable material having presented itself in the fabric shop on friday), and plans have been layed to make dorothea's chemise ( http://www.bestpriceart.com/vault/cgfa_hholbein2-3.jpg ).  since i was planning to visit a friend in melb in a month or so, i will buy linen while i'm there.

favourite things purchased this weekend include (but are not limited to):
ivory lace parasol,
chocolate from vanderwee,
beautful embroidery silk in gold and cherry red,
yummy honey soap and apple/almond face mask from l'occitane en provence,
a respectable pile of books.
mermaid and centaur figurines for the small girl.
the beatles' white album

am now sunk deep into an entirely inexplicable quagmire of depression.  can't even summon the energy to make dinner or watch the sweaty rdj singlet scenes in 'iron man' (which i promise are not the sole reasons for the purchase of the dvd - there are also the clingy t-shirt scenes, and the tormented, soulful close-ups!).   i don't understand this, i just spent the day with my beloved moving half my stuff into his house, i really ought to be suffused with gladness.

but no.

oh, well.

i think a shower and a nice clean fluffy bathrobe, and soaking my feet, and putting on a face mask will make me feel better.  no cuddles, for alas, my love has gone to savage river for work until tuesday.

right, now where did the enormous box of bathroom goodies go...

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that's right, i actually used my pay-out from work for something useful, not just travelling and spending money whilst on holidays!  hurrah for me!


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