Feb. 24th, 2009

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the small girl and i were in pumpkin patch yesterday, on a quest to buy stockings so her legs don't turn blue from the cold (the dress/skirt fad shows no signs of abating).  i held up a white pair and a rainbow stripey pair and asked her which ones she like better, in response to which she looked at me quizically and replied:

"oh mummy, i just don't understand what you're saying to me."

after the shop girl had recovered from her fit of snorking giggles, the small girl was rewarded (for her articulate response, and for providing the staff with a much needed end-of-shift laugh) with a large blue balloon and some stickers (later on we had a short chat about not hitting me in the face with the balloon while i'm trying to guide the car out of the multistorey carpark and into the rushhour traffic). 
we ended up with both pairs of stockings.

this morning, on the way to buy groceries we accidentally went to kmart first (truly! it is shares a door with coles!), where i picked up the last HP boxed set for $99 (as opposed to the $140 it has been priced at in every book shop i've seen it in).  i am pleased, and it quite took the edge off what i can only describe as a thoroughly horrid supermarket experience, which involved the small girl sitting sobbing on the floor, doing her boneless squid thing when i tried to pick her up, wailing about being hungry, throwing things out of the trolley, screaming and shouting, crying until her eyes were bloodshot, and telling people i was being very nasty to her. 

ah well, she's asleep now, so i shall have a cup of tea and read my book for a bit.


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