Mar. 1st, 2009

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technically speaking, my thirties start today!  yay!

i had such a lovely day yesterday.  i got to sleep in until 9, and even then, i only got up to read my book on the couch until my pancakes with lemon and sugar were ready.  we pootled around the cuontryside for a few hours, then came home and i tidied up a bit before some friends dropped in for birthday drinks and tapas (made by my beloved with help from miss k, while i sat and drank a glass of wine and DIDN'T HELP AT ALL), and it was all very jolly.  i scored a book called 'the medieval art of love' from mama (many pretty pictures of garb!), kisses from the small girl (after we managed to convince her that it was not her birthday), new embroidering scissors from miss d, and the aforementioned breakfast and dinner from [ profile] not_an_elf .  i is pleased.

oh, but everyone in our house is sick.  feverish and snotty and throat-raspy, and the small girl is coughing all the time.  we're off to the doctor tomorrow, and now i'm going to go and paint a big red X on the door.  where is the spray paint...


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