Mar. 14th, 2009

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we headed out for an auction in railton this morning, hoping to pick up some feed oats and a few other odds and sods, and just as we parked the car thor got hammer-happy and the first peals of thunder rolled out.  by the time we'd signed in it was bucketing down; big, fat, very wet and apallingly numerous raindrops, so we spent a few minutes in a shed with may other damp and gently steaming farming-type people, then ventured out in a lull to investigate a few of the lots spread out in a paddock.  got caught in another downpour and spent several minutes more crouched with more people than fitted comfortably under a trailer with a tin roof (which very quickly revealed itself to be, in fact, full of holes).  decided that a hasty retreat was called for, as staying much longer would have meant swimming back to the car, and had a round-a-bout and steamy drive home via shefield to but an old cream separator.  the small girl, being only three and a half, had a lovely time playing in the rain, and quite happily danced through puddles and sang a rainy song while all the foolish grown-ups forwent this pleasure in order to stand around grumbling in the sheds.
anyway, st andrew is coming over for dinner tonight as a thank you for helping me move, and i'm feeding him marinated sesame crusted chicken drumsticks, roasted onions and potatoes, steamed greens, and then my sublimely gorgeous sticky date pudding (served, as always, with slightly more butterscotch sauce than one would think strictly necessary).


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