Mar. 17th, 2009

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the small girl and i had a lovely day together yesterday.  we started out at a playgroup run by the local catholic school and the small girl had a fantastic time, fitted in really quickly and easily, and behaved beautifully.  this school also runs a prechool long daycare programme on fridays, so i'm signing he up for that as well, to give her a whole day of socilising and getting out of the house (and to give me a whole day off, to catch up on housework, gardening, sewing, and sitting around reading books).  also finally managed to post off a present (a romper, locally hand screenpinted with a jolly-looking bumblebee) and card to D & A (well, the romper is for baby J, obviously), and then we headed in to Launceston for the afternoon, an outing which small girl felt required the donning of her blue tutu over the top of her jeans.  we visited the monkeys (who thankfully weren't masturbating or poo-throwing today), and played on the strange giant cushions in the mall, went to some bookshops (but failed to find anything we wanted to buy), went to some shoe shops (but failed to find nice leather boots for the girl for winter), found a wholefoods shop and succeeded in stocking up on seeds for my homemade bread mix, organic raw sugar, an assortment of dried pulses, and proper dutch cocoa (lovely dark rich red-brown that makes cadbury bournville look and taste like dust). 
today is the day for running around doing errands i forgot to do yesterday, like renewing my drivers license and getting a printout of the small girl's immunisation records for daycare.  and maybe go to spotlight with miss k (although i forget what it was i needed...)


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