Mar. 19th, 2009

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feeling a bit sad and lonely this morning.  i miss being able to visit family and friends whenever i want to :(  i should sign up for belly dance classes or something, so i can talk to real live grown-ups.  t6he only person i know up here (besides my love) has patched things up with her partner and doesn't need lifts to medical appointments, and is now far too busy to waste time with me.  ooh, bitter!  i know i'm being uncharitable, but she's cancelled several 'dates' now, and i'm feeling a bit rejected. 

good thing my daughter is such a joy to hang out with, or i'd go completely mental!

anyway, time for a shower and some proper clothes, things always seem worse when you're still in your dressinggown at this hour of the morning! 
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it is the small girl's first day at 'pre-school' (pre-school programme run by the local catholic school's childcare centre) tomorrow, and she's very excited!  she has a new red lunchbox, and went to bed telling about what she's going to do at school; painting, and blowing bubbles, and reading books, and packing up the toys, apparently!  unless the weather is particularly inclement we will walk down, as the school is only three kms down the road, and then i will have the incredible luxury of a whole day all to myself.  it will probably be devoted to laundry, grocery shopping, and enjoying reading my book without an energetic child trying to insert herself between me and the pages.  i may even balance a cup of tea on the arm of the couch, just because i can!

*is enjoying having her love at home*


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