Apr. 7th, 2009

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Well, I've spent a nice morning in the garden with the small girl.  We've planted a little flowery thing (I've lost the tag, so no idea what it is!) outside her cubby house, and while we were there I laid a paved floor for her, so the cubby stays dry over winter.  I'll get a carpet off-cut to lay over the pavers sometime this week, and some more bright flowery things (cheap, so it won't matter if they die over winter, but the cubby area needs brightening up).  What else?  Dug up the dead pineapple sage outside the kitchen window, turned over the plot, and planted some rosemary there (also transplanted the prostrate rosemary from the shady herb garden to this sunnier spot in the hopes of making it happier).  And, in order to let more light onto the herb garden I have commenced the dustruction of the thorny, thorny rose thicket (yep, three years of no pruning and it is no longer three separate bushes, it's definitely a thicket!).  Oh, the pain.  I have given up on digging out the stumps, I will just poison them, then plant low-growing things there to cover them up without compromising the light too much.  Camomile?  Some native violets would make a good groundcover, and would suit the slopey, rocky, shady bit of garden.  After lunch we will be digging up the dead fennel from the little triangular plot in the top garden near the gate, in whic I would like to plant a cumquat or a lime tree (planning on consulting with my mum when she comes to visit next week) with some bulbs around the bottom to make it pretty.  Then there will be a great Digging Up of the two brick planter boxes that flank the path up from the lower driveway, and the comtemplation of lavender (the boxes are beside the beehive).  That will do for a bit, and will give me enough beds prepared for mum's visit to keep us busy. 


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