Apr. 12th, 2009

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I have discovered Dexter!  Wheeeee!
I spent Good Friday reading the first three books (looking up with mild interest every now and then to observe the chocolate-induced carnage of two preschoolers who had easter eggs for breakfst), and have also borrowed the first season DVD.  Which I think I shall go and watch now, because the small girl is staying with mum for a few days and there's nothing to stop me watching violent TV in the middle of the day, now!

Oh, and also, I have tracked down and purchased a copy of 'Cold Comfort Farm' on DVD.  I is pleased.
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Oh, many are the quinces.  We have just collected all the fruit off a neighborhood quince tree, and I'm pretty sure there is now more than my own bodyweight of quinces sitting in bags in the dining room.  So.  I will need to sort through them and separate the ripe ones from the green, lay the green fruit out somewhere to get some sun for a few days, and start processing the ripe fruit tomorrow (actually, tonight, in the form of honey-roasted quinces for dessert).  On the list:  quince paste, quince jelly (if I can muster the patience), poached halves fruit for bottling, and I think I'll also have a go at pickled quince as well.  Yum.
Right now, though, the whole house is filled with the flowery scent of quinces, and with the smell of chicken and sausages cooking in the oven with sage and onions. 


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