Apr. 18th, 2009

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Well, the weather has improved, so I have been able to get some washing done and the Great Underpants Crisis seems to be over.  Apart from that we scabbed a few (but not enough) bricks from the tip, found out that another tip is using all their perfectly good bricks as fill (grr!), and pootled out to the fabulous nursery a few kms down the highway.  This fantastic, rambling, overgrown shop is full of interesting things, and we scoped out some nut trees to plant in the avenue that elads from the lower driveway up to the house (tomorrow we will start ripping out the scraggly old trees, weeding, napalming the ivy, and generally preparing the two strips of garden bed for the new trees).  I think we're going to go with hazelnuts, almonds, and probably a chestnut or two.  Also, I have planted out the two oblong beds under the oak tree with gooseberries on the upper lever and blackcurrants on the lower.  Hurrah!  I will be able to make my own Ribena!  And gooseberry fool! 
*happy dance*
I have made a date with Miss K, to take some sewing around next Wednesday night and actually make some progress on a project (probably a Viking underdress for the small girl to wear to the event on next Saturday).  As soon as my money from the sky appears either buy some linen down here or book tickets to Melb and buy fabric there instead (the excuse reason being taking the small girl on her first plane ride).


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