Apr. 19th, 2009

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I planted my new lemon tree this afternoon.  I planted one several months ago, but it was eaten by goats down to a sad little stump.  The stump, left uncared-for in a corner of the garden, has lately struggled back from the brink, and sprouted quite a bit of healthy new growth which upon inspection proved (miraculously) to be the graft and not the root stock.  But, lemons being the endlessly useful little citrussy wonders that they are, I feel justified in planted another one.  The result, in a few years, will (I hope) be a pair of Meyer lemon trees with a garden bench in between them (rebuilt from the cast-iron ends my love bought at the tip shop the other day), giving us a cool and pleasant place to sit during summer, and an abundant supply of fruit for cooking and preserving. 
The destruction wrought today has been the aggressive pruning of the snarly 'hedge' which has been blocking the garden stairs for the past several months.  I have beaten it into submission, and now we have a set of stairs to use as a short cut from the garden down to the animal pens, and a functioning gate at the top of them to stop the small girl wandering down and falling into the pond/getting ensnarled in thistles/further acquainting herself with the electric fencing.  Hurrah!  The 'hedge' (for want of a better word) is a rather fearsome chimera of jasmine, feral blackberry, and vigorous (rampantly triffid-like) wisteria, with the occasional thistle lurking in its depths, and thus a source of pain and contsternation (and lots of swearing).
I am now off to bath my hands in Detol.


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