Apr. 29th, 2009

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Well, I finally stopped procrastinating and took my poor car in for a service yesterday.  In th bitter, frosty cold morning I sluiced water over the entire car to melt to ice, then noticed that there was so much crap inside the car tha it looked like homeless people might live in it, so, fingers rapidly going numb, I filled a basket with stuff to go back into the house, and a garbage bag full of actual rubbish, and threw all the apple cores from the small girl's footwell out for the chooks (who fell upon them with clucks of glee).  Now running late I tried to the girl dressed and into the car, but because she is a three year old she can sense urgency from afar and spent fifteen minutes faffing as only a preschooler can faff.
We did eventaully get to the mechanic, and had a really quite pleasant walk back into the city to the bus stop, although by the time we were walking home from the town bus stop (about 1.5 km) the small girl was getting tired and whingy and kept sitting down in the damp autumn leaves with her hands over her face, exclaiming that 'I can't walk anymore, I'm too exhausted!  My legs are too floppy'.  All in all it took 3.5 hours to drop the car off and get home, and later in the afternoon we had to do it all in reverse (leaving the house at 4pm, and those of you with kids can imagine the joy of dragging a tired preschooler out into the stinging cold at arsenic hour).  At the end of which I had to hand over the entire contents of my bank account (which was not large, admittedly), and be informed that they hadn't done the one thing I'd asked them to do (replace the remote controls for the central locking), because they can't do that, it's a job for an auto-electrician.  I tried pointing out that their counterpart in Hobart replaced the remotes last time, but they weren't having a bar of it.

Ah, well.  At least the car is no longer in imminent danger of breaking down due to neglect. 

Today we hae a fun day of playgroup lined up, and this evening I have bellydancing. In between there will be the usual housework, cooking, and a bit of gardening if I feel like braving the cold.  I have cut out and started hemming two of my Invest gifts (the others are drying on the window sill), so there is more hemming, two blackwork borders, and a few metres of cord to do, then garb to mend and make, and ornamental sheilds to paint.


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