May. 6th, 2009

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Hurrah!  I have made a start on my crabapple and rosehip jelly; the fruit is all on the stove bubbling away and will be ready for straining overnight.  Tomorrow, we boil!  To this end I pootled out to the local cash'n'carry to purchase another (!) 15kg bag of sugar, since the first one has disappeared into quince jelly, quince paste, and feijoa jelly.  I've still got a few quinces, but I'm keeping them in the fridge until I can get my hands on some Seville oranges, and then I shall have a go at Stephanie Alexander's quince and orange jelly.  I have also got a small heap of limes (I might just halve them, and dry them in the dehydrator), and two jars of preserved lemons that need to soften for a few more days before being drowned in lemon juice and left to mature.
This morning we made the journey into Launceston, in search of a needlework shop where I could purchase proper silk thread.  Success!  I bought the colours I need to start my gifts for the incoming B&B, and nice bright blue and yellow to twist into cord with which to finish the gifts I've made for the outgoing B&B (being a bit secretive because at least one of them reads this!).  I have cut out centre bosses for the ornamental sheilds I'm painting for Invest, and tonight (after the small girl and her grabby hands are in bed!) I will start painting them.  The request was for 12 round shields with Viking-style decoration in the clours of our current B&B, so I've drawn up 6 fairly plain geometrical designs and 6 more elaborate ones.  So tonight I will be setting the jelly up to strain, then busting out the paints.  Or, alternatively, taking the various sewing and embroidery projects THAT MUST BE FINISHED BY INVEST over the Miss K's house for one of our shamefully sporadic sewing nights.
Right!  Must stop wasting time on LJ, because I need to pack the dishwasher, hang out the washing, feed the animals, bring wood up for the fire, sort dinner out, then start the evening's worthwhile activities!



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