May. 18th, 2009

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The Walrus said,
To talk of many things...

Like the fact that Invest is over and I have thus run out of excuses for not starting Dorothea's chemise.  So, today I will wash lots of white linen, and tomorrow I will cut out a teeny tiny practise chemise for the small girl.  This way I can teach myself how to smock, and if I make mistakes no one will notice because of the unbearable cuteness of the small girl in a chemise.  I finished my secret project; a dark blue linen Viking tunic for [personal profile] not_an_elf , hand sewn with cotton thread and finished with raspberry-coloured raw silk stitched on with silk thread.  Is pretty, and one day I wil embellish the collr and arm bands with surface couched goldwork.  Next on the list of things to make is a white linen long sleeved tunic with gold silk embroidery at the cuffs, to replace the machine sewn (and overlocked, fraying, and warped from not being washed before sewing) article he has been wearing for years.  I also need to decide on garb to make for Brass Monkey War, for which we are encouraging a late 14th century theme (I'm planning on running a few collegia for people who want help with ideas/construction/motivation in the lead up to this event in August), said garb probably being made from the green wool I bought from Brammers last time I visited.
I've also been thinking (in a haphazzard kind of way) about sharpening my new A&S Officer stick and motivating people to help with various Baronial projects, like refilling the Baroness's largesse box, creating a toy/game box for children (we must make people see that the SCA can be child-friendly!), and a few other things that I wrote down last night in a haze of fatigue and promptly forgot, including (I think) running a weekend workshop for casting our wayfarers' tokens in pewter and making lots of cords for the danglies.
Invest was lovely!  I fear we may have lowered the tone towards the end of the night (but really, her Excellency gave us the wine, it was her fault!), by making fun of the Baronial Guard's new hats (Blue berets!  Like the Green Berets but more pornographic!), and by giggling helplessly behind the thrones during closing court (also not entirely my fault, I have discovered Miss E shares my love of slash fic and we were discussing Hornblower/Sharpe crossover fic when the Herald shouted 'All Rise!")
That's enough for now, because my hands are hurting from the cold and it's time for a shower.


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