May. 19th, 2009

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I spent half an hour curled up in front of the fire last night planning garb for Brass Monkey War, and the items I've decided to make will mean learning several new skills (hurrah!) like actually making a proper body block, sleeves with a back (instead of underarm) seam, cloth ball buttons, and proper lining (I know it's shameful that I can't already do these things, but I'm mending my ways, I promise!).  So.  For me, a dark green woolen cotehardie (with full linen lining), with long buttoned sleeves and a buttoned front closure, a gold (probably) damask or silk sideless surcoat trimmed with fur, pointy poulains (made by [personal profile] not_an_elf ), and a reticulated headdress with a linen veil.  For the man making the shoes, a dark green woolen cote with oak leaf dagging and same sort of tippet involvement, woolen hose, and a matching hood (green wool, dagged, lined with damask or silk).  Yay!  Out of the offcuts, the small girl will be getting a little cotehardie of her own.
It has occurred to me that I could just finish my blue and red houppelande, but I'm afraid that doing so may cause the sky to fall, so it can stay in its box for the time being.
There will be an expensive trip to Darn Cheap when we're in Melb for Midwinter, yes there will.


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