May. 20th, 2009

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I have finally succumbed to the particularly nasty cold the small girl has been nursing for the last week.  There is a merciful lack of snot, but my throat is dry and scratchy, my eyes are watery, my head hurts and most of my body feels achy and stiff, my lungs are rattley, and I can't concentrate on anything.  Blurg.  I want to go back to bed, but that wouldn't be responsible parenting (although probably neither is lying on the couch, snuffling and feeling sorry for myself, while the small girl watches dvds and trashes the living room).  I'd really like to cut out and start sewing the small girl's chemise, but I don't think I can be trusted not to stuff something vital up. 
*is frustrated*

EDIT:  I have stopped moping around, dosed myself up on coffee and Lemsip, and the small girl's chemise is cut out and pinned.  I think I'll pick up a bit of purple velveteen at the devil's craftshop next week and make her a simple waist-seamed kirtle to wear over the top (must be pink/purple or she'll just take it off after half an hour, witness the early removel of the green silk surcoat at Invest!)


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