Jul. 23rd, 2009

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Slacker Violet is slack!  It was the small girl's fourth birthday yesterday, and it was lovely!  We had a picnic lunch in the living room, with party pies and fairy bread and sparling apple/raspberry juice (as close as she's getting to fizzy cordial!), and a bright pink birthday cake (she bumped my elbow as I was dripping the food dye in, so it was..pinker...than I intended) festooned with sugar flowers.  I gave her a pile of new tshirts (size 5, because she's so tall!), some books (one with monsters, one collection of 'trickster' tales, and 'The Complete Flower Fairy Book', oh, and last week I bought her Neil Gaiman's 'Dangerous Alphabet, which she loves!), a sparkly fairy mermaid outfit, a new doll, and (trumpety fanfair, please)  a bubble-blowing machine!  She was very pleased with it all, but is now trying to convince me to let her go to day care in her pyjama/fairy dress combination.  Mean mummy says no!
It is the divine Miss K's birthday tomorrow, and I gave her a basket filled with homemade yummies from the preseres shelf:  crabapple/rosehip jelly, quince jelly, fejoa jelly, spicy plum sauce, and quince paste.
Work is still really good.  We even have lockers now, very civilised!
[personal profile] not_an_elf  has been very busy, and as built a deck and stairs so we can feed the birds and get down to the goats without risking life and limb.  It is a truly fantastic development!  Also, progress has been made in bathroom-land!  The topcoat is on the walls, so now the beautiful beautiful cornice needs to up and then we can start painting!  So exciting! 
*squishes elf-boy to bits for being so wonderful*
The small girl and I are heading to Hobart this weekend for more birthday shenanigans at my mum's house.  I'm trying to stir up some people to come to see HP6 wth me, because I need another excuse! 
It is so cold here this morning that my hands are starting hurt, so I shall stop typing, and make a cup of tea to warm them up with.


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