Oct. 16th, 2009 06:36 pm
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The last two days have been perfectly hidjus. I have been at work, which is normally not too bad, but I have been plagued, PLAGUED, I TELL YOU, by horribleness!
I have what I suspect is a spur on my right heel. It is quite, quite painful even when I'm sitting down (like right now, when it's doing a sort of thobby throbby hurty kind of thing), but I spend most of my time at work either standing up or walking around. So, my heel is so sore that I wanted to hop everywhere at work, and it was only my fear of looking like a loon and/or falling down that stopped me.
Because I have been limping around work for days, my whole right leg now aches from my efforts to find new and interesting (ie, non-hurty) ways of walking.
The wiggly walking, combined with the levels of relaxin (one of the coterie of pregnancy hormones) currently circulating around my body, means that my hips and knees have also been bending in ways that nature did not really intend, so they are now quite painful as well.
And, JOY!
A tension cluster headache snuck up on me yesterday in between lunch and a meeting, which meant I spent several minutes explaining to my concerned supervisor that I was looking a bit spaced-out because the vision disturbance that piggy-backed in on the headache meant that I couldn't see very well with my left eye. Nor could I read the minutes from the last meeting, or the agenda for this one. Also, temporary partial blindness aside, my head FELT LIKE SOMONE WAS DRILLING INTO IT!

On the other hand, the horrible, horrible morning sickness (pft, all day vileness!) has all but gone, and I don't feel quite so tired (for instance, I've stopped falling asleep during meals, and can now come home from work and NOT fall into a coma on the couch!). My belly has popped out a bit, too, which I like because I am strange (perhaps it's because a big pregnant belly makes my boobs look quite small and dainty, which is an amazing feat).

In other news;
chickens, pigs, goat kids, whingy bloody cat, noisy ducks, lots of mud, more rain, wintastic daughter, lovely boyfriend, business as usual.

EDIT: In other news, and contributing to the general crapness of my week, this is the second fortnight during which I've felt the full extent of my financial punishment for moving in the my endlessly lovely boyfriend.  All of the financial assistence I received from the Govt has been removed, leaving me with, actually, not really enough money to live on. I can afford food, and the utilities bills, and petrol for my car, and sometimes I can put credit on my mobile phone. I can't afford the small girl's school fees (I'm paying next year's out of my tax return, but that will be much smaller next year, so what then?). I can't afford health insurance, or car insurance, or servicing/repairing th car. I can't save any money for a rainy day. When my car finally dies I won't be able to replace it. At least it solves a mystery for me, though, because I think I can pinpoint to source of the tension headache.
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