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Vile weather! It has been so dark and damp here lately that my car now has moss growing on it.

However, the snowdrops and daffodils are out, and there is new growth on the blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes and on the Cox's Orange Pippin my father gave to Small Girl for her birthday. The apricot and pear trees, alas, have not survived the winter and the depredations of the goats.

Speaking of the caprine population of our block, we have three news kids. Two girls named Lucy and Daffodil, and a boy destined to be sold as a lawnmower. They are very small and bleaty :)

A dear friend of mine sent me a care package from Sydney. In it were some clothes for Small Girl, a weaning set made of recylced materials for Squish, a box of coloured modelling beeswax, and various edible treats. Tunnock's Tea Cakes now own my soul.

We're heading to Victoria to visit Blondie's parents tomorrw.

*sobs at thought of no internets for a week*

They are staunch Liberal supporters, and I fear his father will be in full rant mode. JOY. I shall suck it up, for the sake of the quiet life (and because, despite Blondie's accusations, I AM NOT ARGUMENTATIVE, DAMNIT!). We're going mosy through the Vic Markets on saturday morning before driving out his his parent's house, and I'm hoping we make it back to the city on wednesday in time to have coffee with a friend before we board the boat home.

I recently made some toys for Squish - a pompom, a couple of wet-felted woolen balls, a teething ring, and a mobile to hang above her bed. When I can, I'll post some pictures :)

Hurly Burly, over and out.

Date: 2010-09-09 02:30 am (UTC)
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At least you have a small pudgy pink thing to distract you and excuse you from conversation about Tony Abbot, every time he makes you angry just remind him of his granddaughter. Have fun at the markets :)


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