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*closes eyes*

Big deep breath.

She is a strong-willed, intelligent little girl who knows her own mind and is capable of sticking to her guns to get what she wants. These are all good traits in an adult, and if I manage to get her through her childhood and adolescence with them intact then I will have done my job.

But, Jesus Fucking Christ, sometimes I wish she'd just do what I ask her to do without turning it into a fight. She digs her heels in and argues the point over everything. Even tings that she actually wants to do, she'll fight me over just for the sake of it.

*tears hair*

And the attitude she's picked up at school! I am not impressed. I was describing Small Girl's behaviour to a friend of mine, and she nodded and said that yes, her daughter behaves like that too. Of course, her daughter is 13 years old...

It's exhausting, frankly. The whole day is a series of negotiations oer everything from what to have for breakfast to getting dressed, when the telly gets switched off, what to have for morning tea, tidying up, what to have for lunch, why I don't want her to drag all of her dresses out of the wardrobe every afternoon and leave them lying all over the floor, wat to have for afternoon tea, why she can't watch the same movie twice in one afternoon, why she can't have peanut butter sandwiches for dinner every day, why she has to wash her hair at least once a week because otherwise it's just disgusting, blah blah blah. My head hurts, and my throat aches from talkingtalkingtalking all bloody day.

On the other hand, she is clever and funny, and tells fabulous stories. In between arguments she is incredibly affectionate and cuddly, and it is lovely snuggling up on the couch reading books together. I just adore her, and it more than makes up for the times when I wish I could just gaffer tape her mouth shut.
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