Dec. 28th, 2005

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blurgh again. my house was full of inlaws on boxing day, and i had to instigate a 'three stikes and you're out' rule for swearing. charming and witty as strings of swear words are coming from the mouths of adults, they are never nice coming from the mouths of toddlers. which reminds me, i saw a woman in k-mart the other day calling her little girl a cunt for crying.

i got luvverly things for xmas, not the least of which was an ornate embossed jewellery box lined with purply-blue velvet in which there were two long strings of freshwater pearls WITH NO METAL ON THEM from wayne. i also got pearl earrings from eli's boyfriend, shortbread from my gran, and a manicure/perdicure kit from eli. and other stuff.

i went to k-mart and big w at eastlands today, with eli and katy in tow. i bought clothes for arabella in the next size up (1), and found out that somehow my credit card is $479 overdrawn. eep! but i scored the last slice of pavlova at mama's and had a cup of yummy tea at snipribbon's, so the day was not a total loss.

and tonight i made pasta because it seemed easier than trekking all the way to the supermarket. i even made extra and have hung it out to dry over the backs of my barstools. i'm going to bake the last of that honey & nutmeg biscuit dough tonight, too.


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