Apr. 2nd, 2009

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I have hurt my back (not even doing anything fun, I just slept funny on it), and now I feel groggy and sick from painkillers.  Codein does not make me happy :(

Also, I cann't find the Boots in my size.  The shop in town sells them , but only ordered in one pair in my size, which has sold already (this shop also stocks the Boots in red!  Even more gorgeous!), so I think it may be the Gods telling me to forget the Boots and spend the money visiting friends in Canberra instead.  They really are such beautiful Boots...*cries*

Oh, and chocolate.  There is a traineeship going at the local chocolate makers (House of Anvers), which I have just finished writing an application for.  I think there is only a very slim chance that I'll even get an interview as they're probably looking at hiring a school leaver or similar young person, but it has given me something to do besides playing with the small girl, going to the park, cooking, gardening, and feeling sorry for myself.  So, fingers crossed, eh?

And, another of the small girl's little nuggets of truth: "My daddy is a bastard, isn't he?"
I was very restrained and explanied that no, he isn't, and that's not a very nice thing to say about someone.


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