May. 15th, 2009

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And the sewing continues!  I have added (yes, I am that masochistic) a few projects, to whit, finishing a dark blue linen tunic trimmed with raspberry coloured raw silk for [personal profile] not_an_elf , and making a sideless surcoat for the small girl out of a scap piece of lime green dupion silk I've had lying around for ages.  The tunic is completed (I really only had the hem to finish and the strips of silk to cut and stitch on), and the surcoat, after some fiddling about with the cutting out made necessary by the small size and odd shape of the piece of fabric, has been sewn and felled down one side (including a gore).  Therefore, today will see the painting of the last few ornamental shields (and afixing the silver card centre bosses), finishing the surcoat, getting as much as I can done on Mr A's new woolen trews, as well as baking a batch of my justly famous Malteser cupcakes for V (payment for a pair of copper turtle brooches) and the usual household chores like the fortnightly shopping expedition, fetching wood for the fire, feeding the feathers, folding laundry, and cooking something for an early dinner before we head south.  Oh, and packing our bags.  This being said, I've wasted enough time online for today, and I'm going to make a cup of coffee and tidy the house up before the cleaning lady arrives.

Au reservoir!

NB: all my sewing is done by hand, naturally.


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