Jun. 2nd, 2009

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...yesterday I watched a training DVD on how to correctly put on and remove gloves.  And an inordinantly long one about  handwashing.  We also filled out lots of exciting paperwork, got fitted for ugly polyester uniforms, and signed contracts (ok, that bit was quite good).  I discovered, not entirely to my surprise, that the other Catering Supervisor is somewhere in the region of fifteen years older than me (which is not too weird) and that all the kitchen staff that I'll be supervising are also significantly older than me (this bit will take some getting used to).  Our DON (a woman so fantastic to work for that when she jumped the Uniting Aged Care ship to come and work for OneCare, sixteen ECA/EN/RN rats followed her) is very much pro-child, and is quite pleased with the idea of the small girl hanging out at work with me for the last half hour of my shift for the first few weeks, and is also perfectly happy with me bringing the small girl in for our computer system training session on Wednesday.
The great advantage of already having worked for OneCare is that I have seen all the boring, condescending DVDs and listened to the presentations about CLS, salary packaging, and OH&S, and therefore have no compunction about writing fanfic instead.


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