Jun. 17th, 2009

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I was driving home from work the other night listening to the Animals when I noticed that the small girl was singing along.  This is probably a sign that I should change the CD, but the sight and sound of my daughter in her fluffy purple jacket, head thown back, howling along with Eric Burdon's rendition of 'The House of The Rising Sun' is an image I will carry with me always.  The cuteness!  It BURNS!
I have done nothing but go to work for the last week (well, I wrote some fic scribbles on my breaks in the staff room, and I signed up to help out with [livejournal.com profile] hp_palooza ), but next time I have a day off (so, Wednesday) I'm going to start smocking the small girl's chemise.  In the mean time, I shall be cooking food for old people, making more of an effort to stay on top of the housework, and continuing my 'Outrageous Fortune' and 'The Mighty Boosh' marathons on alterating nights.

Also, because it made me laugh while I wrote it (my deepest apologies to the memory of Edward Gorey), and it's not the least bit smutty:

The Hogswartlycrumb Tinies!

A is for Aberforth, who slipped in the shower
B is for Bellatrix, walled up in a tower
C is for Colin, whose camera blew up
D is fo Dennis who was mauled by a crup
E isfor Elphias, who played the wrong games
F is for Fawkes, who burst into flames
G is for Grubbly-Plank, carried off by a rook
H is for Hermione, crushed 'neath a book
I is for Igor, struck down at croquet
J is for Jordan, a grindylow's prey
K is for Kreacher, who was baked in a pie
L is for Luna, whose plans went awry
M is for Myrtle, who was killed in the loo
N is for Neville, sucked into the Floo
O is for Ollivander, lured into a bog
P is for Poppy, who was lost in the fog
Q is for Quirrel, who was too slow to parry
R is for Riddle, defeated by Harry
S is for Snape, who drank the wrong potion
T is for Trelawny, driven mad by a notion
U is for Umbridge, done in with a brick
V is for Viktor, who fell off his broomstick
W is for Wormtail, who got caught in a trap
X is for Xenophilius, who at last met a redcap
Y is for Yaxley, who was shut in a box
Z is for Zabini, who succumbed to the pox


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