Aug. 25th, 2009

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We're still waiting for the arrival of Buttons's kids. The weather has been pretty foul for the last few days, and we're assuming that she's going to drop the kids at about 5pm, in failing light and driving rain, as is traditional.
Today the small girl and I are going to buy some seeds and starting thinking about getting the vegie garden up and running. The new greenhouse (or blue tent, as she insists on calling it), is just about ready, so we'll be able to raise some seeds in there, but I'm going to try and get as much done with direct seeding this year, since I don't seem to have a very deft hand for transplanting. The tomatoes can stay in the greenhouse, though.
The small girl's purple garb was a great success at the event on the weekend, although the event itself was a bit of a shambles. Our fault, really, for pulling out of running it.
The weather is cold and wet and thoroughly miserable. 
The small girl was very sick last night but her fever has broken and she's on the mend.
I'm running out of time to get a fest fic submitted (in my defence, it is the longest one I've ever written and has been painstakingly beta-ed by the marvellous [ profile] blamebrampton  (and pootling about here is not speeding the editing up one bit!).
I've got an enormous teetering stack of books waiting to be read, but i'm woefully behind on that as well. And there's a new Joe R Lansdale book out. *wants it!*
Tomorrow is a fun day full of appointments and meetings, oh yayz. *sigh*


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