Apr. 7th, 2005

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well, moving day came and went, and now we live in a house full of boxes. the books are unpacked and on their shelves, clothing and bedlinen are still in bags or in the laundry, and the have opened all my boxes of sewing stuff and strewn their contents about the place. i finished my embroidered fan pouch, which is much pretty and a shame to give away, with flowers from 'a scholehouse for the needle' on the front and tiny fake seed pearl beads in the back. it also has tassels (woot!).

i am feeling much more pregnant, and we're almost in the third trimestre. we can feel the baby kick from the outside, which has made my husband very happy. i had to go and buy some new tops, and i only have three pairs of pants that still fit (not including chef's pants).

and we got our new car (thank god, i've spent the last few weeks driving around in my brother's girlfriend's crumpled-snouted toyota paseo, which is mostly white but for all the red gaff tape). we now have a dark silver (not white! woot!)2000 hyundai lantra sportswagon. yay!
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and my mum has knitted me a new scarf. it is green and purple and snuggly.


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