Dec. 23rd, 2005

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all my shopping is done. except the groceries, and i'm not game enough to venture into the supermarket on christmas eve, so that will have to wait until tuesday. the only present left to get is...mine. i want a new jewellery box, sine my old one is itsy bitsy and even i have too much stuff to keep in there now. and i want some new things to put in there! i have also baked all my little christmas trees bickies, and now all i have to do is pipe icing on to them and stick little silver cashews on the icing to decorate them. and make stack of little honey and nutmeg stars bickies.
and in not very surprising news, i went to work today. the chef is on the brink of quitting, and i went in to do some prep while mama looked after arabella. it was fun, but i've completely lost my ability to stand up for long periods of time, and three hours has made my feet very sore.

i have a big pile of raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries for desert, with yummy jalna vanilla yogurt. and it's all mine!
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just spent an hour hunched over trays of bickies with a jar of cashous and a pair of tweezers. i really want to bake the stars tonight, but i just don't think i have the strength.


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