Feb. 8th, 2005

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hooray! i've been planning on recreating a medieval houpplande (big dressy thing), but it will take much time and money, and i wanted it to be just right. all the pictures i have found until recently show narrow sleeves and a v-neck, or wide sleeves with a high neckline and a collar. i don't like to collar thing or the narrow sleeves, and i was beginning to despair of ever finding an example of what i wanted (big wide dagged sleeves and a v-neck), but at last i have found it! and damask is 25% off at spotlight! i'm going to attempt a head-to-toe recreation of the dress with accompanying reticulated headdress, pointy poulaine shoes, jewelery etc. what fun! my husband has suggested i eschew modern technology and do everything by hand, but i dodn't bother responding (the houpplande is based on a full circle pattern, with the radius of the circle the 155cm drop from my shoulder to the floor, and i am *not* going to sew that hemline by hand).
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well, i have pootled about online and established the kind of colours i can reasonably use for this project. i've already bought dark blue damask for the houpplande itself, and i think i will line it with gold or russet coloured fabric (don't want to use drill, but it's probably to best match i can get for weight and colour, plus it's cheap). for the underdress i think i will use green linen if i can find it, and i'm going to keep a look out for the striped fabric the headdress in the picture appears to be made of. i've also found patterns and construction notes for the headdress and shoes.


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